flashnew2I am Keith Miller owner of Keith Miller Plumbing & Septic. My father started an excavation business in 1950. I grew up in the business of digging where my dad did the excavation for house foundations, put in water lines and new sewer and septic systems. The business has been run from the same location and phone number since 1950. I do all of the same work as my father with the exception of the excavation for house foundations. I became a Master Plumber in the 1990’s and have expanded my business to do Septic repair/replacement, sewer & water line installation, electric eel sewer cleaning, French drains (inside and out), grading and inside plumbing work. I specialize in sewer & waterline installation and repair. With the new sewer lines I offer several methods of installation, re-lining, excavating and using the pipe bursting method. I also offer a lifetime warranty on sewer repair and replacement.

I own all of the equipment you see in the pictures on my website plus much more. This enables me to have the right machine necessary for any size project and take the necessary amount of time that is needed to properly complete the project. This also enables me to be much more competitive with my pricing. I am fully insured with commercial, business and workers comp policies.

I am also the person that you will talk to about a project and the same person that will be on the job and in charge. I run all of my own equipment and have a couple of people working for me; however they rarely work on the job without me. There is only 1 crew and I am the main part of it. I pride myself on doing a good job, having a happy customer and getting referrals from that customer. Please check me out before you call as I don’t think you will find anything unsatisfactory.

If you feel pressured to sign a contract from another contractor and are not sure what you should do, don’t sign the contract and get other estimates. The bottom line is that as consumers we should get more than 1 estimate. I offer free estimates for larger jobs and I will try and give you an approximate price for a smaller job over the phone.

If you would like to ask me any questions or wish to get more information, please send me an email with the link on the website. I will try and get you a response within 24 hours. If your matter is urgent or an emergency please call me directly at 412-793-5933. I do try and answer every phone call as it is forwarded to my cell phone; however there are times when I am unable to answer the phone. If this occurs please leave a message and I will try and return your call within 1 hour or less.