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I have been in the septic system cleaning and repair business for over 30 years. Although I stopped cleaning septic tanks over 4 years ago, I still provide total repair and installation services. If you are unsure where your tank is located or just can’t find it, I will locate the tank, uncover the tank/tanks with a small backhoe and arrange for the tanks to be cleaned. I work closely with another local person who only cleans tanks. I also offer jet cleaning of the drain lines and full septic pump and alarm repairs as well as installing additional tank/tanks to your existing system.

An improperly maintained septic system can become a huge headache. In addition to unexpected backups, overflowing tanks can ruin a septic drainage bed. The cost of drainage bed replacement is far greater than any typical maintenance.

A typical single family home should have a septic system with two tanks holding 500 gallons each, or larger. The tanks are always full of water and over time the water is displaced by the accumulation of heavy sludge buildup. This is the sludge that will need to be trucked away. Keep in mind the septic tank does not keep sludge from draining into the field it only gives the sludge a place to accumulate.

Installing 2-500 Septic Tanks for a Septic System.
If the tank is not cleaned on some type of regular basis, the accumulated sludge will slowly flow out of the tank and into the field. There is no way of cleaning the sludge from the field and this is what causes the field to fail prematurely. New systems can range in price from $10,000 to $35,000 dollars depending on size, type of soil and terrain.

Tanks should be emptied every three to five years, but this rule is not true for every family and every system. Some systems have a very small tank of 125 gallons or less. Families with multiple bathrooms and 5 or more people using the system will need more frequent cleanings.

Finally, there is no magic potion that you can buy for the septic tank that will “eat” the sludge or make it disappear. Just like you change oil in a car to prevent engine failure, you need to clean or pump the septic tank to greatly extend the life of the entire septic system..

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